Walk Again Project participates in Nat Geo’s series “Breakthrough – Welcome to the Future”

To bring scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs around the globe, GE has developed, alongside award-winning Hollywood directors, the series Breakthrough – Welcome to the Future. Aired by Nat Geo, the series aired a total of six episodes this season, all addressing issues related to challenges that until a few years ago had no solution for man, but, in the face of studies by scientists from around the world, can change the lives of thousands of people and raise humanity to another level.

The episode “The Ultrahuman”, the second to be aired, deals with studies on artificial brains and exoskeletons. In this chapter, viewers learned more about the Walk Again Project.

Recorded at AASDAP’s lab in São Paulo, the episode directed by director Paul Giamatti presented details of studies by the research team that are bringing new hope to people around the world.


The Breakthrough – Welcome to the Future episode featuring the Walk Again Project can be viewed through the Fox Play app or website.

Photos: GE Imprensa Brasil