Walk Again Project participant meets neuroengineering masters students in Macaíba/RN

During the visit to the International Institute of Neuroscience – Edmond and Lily Safra (IIN-ELS) in Macaíba/RN, Walk Again Project was invited by the Institute’s scientific team to participate in a conversation with the students of the Master course in Neuroenegineering, offered by IIN-ELS itself.

The meeting suggested stimulating a debate about the Walk Again Project, as minutes before the visit, the Master’s students had watched the Breakthrough – Welcome to the Future series, in which Eric participates in the episode “The Ultrahuman”, which shows research and project progress.

The receptivity of the students could not have been better. “OThe master students were all very excited about the visit and had many questions to ask because of the video they had just watched”, says Edgard Morya, IIN-ELS Research Coordinator.

For Eric, the meeting yielded a productive chat about the Walk Again Project. “I told a little of my story, my accident, my involvement with soccer, I related some experiences and the importance of Walk Again Project in my life. I believe they all liked it”, says the participant.

Eric extended the visit and got to know the entire infrastructure of the IIN-ELS, including the equipment used in the world’s first brain-brain rodent interface demonstration, and the facilities of the INCT Brain-Machine Interface Project - INCEMaq, which represents the beginning of studies applied to the Brain Machine Interface, i.e. the Walk Again Project itself.