Students from the Scientists of the Future Project present new technologies in the ISD Showcase of Works

Haptic comes from the Greek word "Haptikós", meaning touch sensitive. Within the scientific context, however, haptic offers many more meanings and sensations if stimulated by the equipment Phantom Omni, one of the attractions shown by the students from Scientists of the Future Project, during the first Showcase of Works of 2016, from Alfredo J. Monteverde School Scientific Education Center, in Macaíba/RN.

Upon the request of Alberto Santos Dumont Education and Research Institute (ISD), which conducted the event, the students from Scientists of the Future Project showed four works, produced during the entire first semester of 2016.

Students Savio Santos and Josevânia Stefany Oliveira exposed a dynamics about the Endocrine System, promoting a Q&A on the hormones produced by the endocrine glands, as well as the roles each one of them plays in the organism. “Medicine students who visited the Showcase complimented the presentation, since it dealt with such a complex subject, even for them, who are graduate students”, says Savio.

Students Jhonnys Mackenzy and Amanda Pereira spoke about the optics of vision and the functions of the retina. Through a 3D model, made from recyclable material, the students showed the structures that constitute the eye and the retina’s photoreceptors and their function in the transduction of the luminous source into an electrochemical signal, sent to the brain (occipital lobe) to create and understand the images.

Going from vision to movement, students Renato Ivan and Claudiane Ferreira presented on the Showcase the experiences they had during the hands-on classes on rehabilitation with patients with spinal injuries, using pieces of equipment such as Stand, Lokomat and Zero G. The classes, filmed and edited by the own students, were broadcasted on the Showcase for the audience.

In addition to the video, the students also showed Robot Thymio, discussing the functions of the equipment – such as human movements. Interacting with the visitors, the students promoted a dynamics where they showed the movements in relation to which the robot was similar to humans.

Speaking about movement, Phantom Omni was the work presented by students Isabel Dantas and Maria Allice Guedes, who showed the visitors how the virtual sensitivity equipment may cause sensations related to shapes and 3D objects. Phantom Omni is similar to a pen, which, when touched, promotes the tactile sensation of the object seen through the computer screen. The result could not have been better. “People were enchanted with this new technologies”, states Isabel. The work of the students also counted with virtual glasses, which became a sensation among parents and students from Alfredo J. Monteverde School Scientific Education Center. The experience simulated a tridimensional environment, as if the visitors of the Showcase were inside a virtual game.

The participation of the students on the Showcase of Works occurs since 2010. In the opinion of André Luiz Guedes, assistant of Scientists of the Future Project, every year, students become more interested and expressive on the presentations.