Walk Again Project participates on the 25th Brazilian Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Based on the theme technology and its challenges on the 21st century, the participation of the team from project Andar de Novo on the 25th Brazilian Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was in accord with the current moment experienced by the project.

Held from August 25 to 27, in São José do Rio Preto, the event gathered hundreds of professionals from the physical rehabilitation area, among them, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and nurses.

The professionals from the multi-professional team from project Andar de Novo showed on the Congress the results obtained from each area, in addition to participating in classes on themes related to rehabilitation and the new technologies that are being applied on the area.

The physiotherapist Débora Campos presented the theme Active Rehabilitation Program for Full Motor Spinal Injuries: impact on the motor neurological recovery, suggesting a new care method for patients with full spinal injuries, stimulating them to make voluntary movements as well as to imagine the movements with the legs in order to control an avatar on a virtual environment. The study, however, caused an improvement on the muscular activation and the concentration power of some muscles, attesting that physical training focusing on lower limbs, even on individuals with full spinal lesion, offers positive results. The successful participation granted them the award as the third best oral presentation on the event.


Based on the theme Improvement of Intestinal Functions in Patients with Chronic Spinal Injury after Long-Term Neurorehabilitation Training, nurse Vânia Sousa Braga showed the results obtained with the patients of project Andar de Novo, who noticed the improvement not only on intestinal functions, but who were no longer patients with constipation issues and who evolved to a condition of normal evacuation, according to the Bristol scale. The results surprised and were well-received by the audience. “ I was very glad to share the results of a neurorehabilitation work and realize people’s interest and surprise about something that had never been mentioned or expected before “, says Vânia.


Extremely important for the rehabilitation work, Psychology is always one of the areas with relevant results among the patients. Based on the theme Changes to the Body Image after Training with Virtual Reality in Patients with Chronic Spinal Injuries, the psychologist of project Andar de Novo, Patrícia Baptista Araújo, showed on the Congress the results obtained through a questionnaire applied to the patients of the Project. On the questionnaire, the questions were made according to the sensations obtained by the training with virtual reality. In addition to the questionnaire, Patrícia also conducted a Qualitative Analysis among the patients. The results from the training range from the improvement of self-care on the lower part of the body, which was not much of a concern before, up to a new concern with esthetics, since patients that were used to only wearing pants before started wearing shorts, contributing to improve their self-image.