AASDAP presents Photobook about the history of the Scientists of the Future Program

It took nine years, from the implementation of a project created with the mission of expanding the development of the scientific initiation program, adopted by INceMaq, extending to high school students from public schools.

Scientists of the Future was born with the purpose of contributing to the construction of an inclusive and democratic society, based on scientific practice, capable of acting in human development and the dissemination of critical and well-informed citizenship.

AASDAP, with the financial support of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq, was able to offer high school youth a scientific education based on specific projects on the functioning of the human brain, as well as its relationship with research in brain-machine interface.

But from the outset it was well known that the program would have a deadline for its activities to cease. Therefore, in July 2017, the Scientists of the Future Program entered the history of AASDAP. A project that benefited both sides. For young people, acquired knowledge and experience in scientific practice. For AASDAP, much more than managing a program, the SC reaffirmed the thought of our founder, neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, that science can act as a powerful agent of social transformation.

To celebrate the closing of the program, we introduced a photobook that tells the story of this scientific trajectory in the northeast of the country. To access it in full, click here and good reading!